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Business Valuation – Importance and Methodologies

Business Valuation is the process of determining what your business is worth. Determining your Business Valuation is an important prerequisite for intelligent decision making.

ESOPS – Rewarding performance with Employee Ownership

ESOP is a powerful tool to supercharge growth, strengthen organizational performance, and create wealth for both founders and Employees. ESOP is an effective compensation tool. A prudently drafted ESOP plan can help an Employer to conserve cash, while at the same time letting Employees share in the profits and growth of the Company.

Expert Business Consultancy Plays a Vital Role in the Growth of the Business

Business Consultancy is the process of providing professional or expert advice in a particular area of business such as security, management, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing, financial control, engineering, science, digital transformation or other specialized fields.

An Insight into Legal Advice and how it differs from Legal Information

Providing legal advice involves analyzing legal facts and provisions and then suggesting a particular course of action based on the applicable law.

Legal Advice

Corporate Professionals can be your one-step goal to avail of legal advice, suggestions, and many other services that will help you keep your business safe and befriend the right people. All the services offered by this legal advisory are significant and benefit organisations and their employees.


Corporate Professionals Offering One Stop end to end Solutions for ESOPs

Corporate Professionals is the destination for all your ESOP related needs be it Advisory, Preparation or Implementation. We under our umbrella “ESOP online” aims to build long term incentive plans that are best suited to a particular organisation and its employees.

Changes in Preferential Issue Pricing Methodology

Keeping in view the amendments to SEBI (Issue of Capital & Disclosure Requirement) Regulations, 2018 dated January 14, 2022, pertaining to preferential issues of specified securities.

Avail Truly Updated Capital Market Services From a Market Leader

Corporate Professionals is a pioneer in delivering innovative capital market services through a model of integrated legal and financial consulting services.

Corporate Legal Support Is Essential For Running Any Business Unhindered

Expert corporate legal services providers extend legal support for all kinds of corporate and taxation issues. They help in handling complex corporate affairs in the best possible way. 

Business Advisory Services Enchance Market Competencies and Help the Business Grow

Business advisory services provide need-based professional support to organizations to implement new strategies according to their present goals. Owing to global competition, organizations are realising that they require these services in order to achieve comprehensive support.

Due Diligence for Forex, Public Issue, Takeover & Joint Ventures Services

Our Specialized Team comprising legal and financial professionals employ multi-disciplinary approach in analyzing the transactions and industry related risks, commercial and financial viabilities, prospective growth and future contingencies, tax implications and work to deliver the most efficient report with possible solutions and suggestions. 

Global Business Set Up Consultants & Development Company

Looking for Global Business Set Up Consultants & Development Company in India, Contact Corporate Professionals. We offer credible services relating to the setting up of business outside India in accordance with the applicable laws prevailing in India along with the rules and regulations of the local laws of the host country.

Insolvency Consultants in Delhi - Corporate Professionals

The Team with a panel of Insolvency Resolution Professionals aims to provide comprehensive services to all the stakeholders viz. Corporate Debtors, Financial Creditors, Operational Creditors and Resolution Professionals and Resolution Applicants under insolvency resolution processes.

Complete Lifecycle of Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP) - Corporate Professionals

ESOP Guardian is a comprehensive web based system for managing ESOPs of any Company. It is an integrated tool which is developed and designed by Corporate Professionals that manages the complete lifecycle of Employee Stock Option Plans. 

Amendments in Preferential Issue Norms

The Capital Market Regulator, SEBI, vide its Circular dated January 14, 2022 has inter alia amended the provisions of Chapter V of SEBI ICDR Regulations, 2018. These changes pertain to the Preferential Issues of Equity Shares/ Convertible Securities (the Specified Securities). The said changes have become effective from January 14, 2022.


The intangible value of a business can also be hidden in the brand value of a corporation. Different businesses exhibit different Unique Selling Points that can be considered part of the intangible value of a business. Below, we have collated the top valuable brands in the world.